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Jaw Droping 360 Pano of Night Sky!


Photographer captures largest photograph of night sky ever. In order to take this, Nick Risinger had to trek over 60,000 miles across the western United States and South Africa starting in March 2010, according to PetPixel.com. You can view the original article Here.

The image is a composite of 37,000 separate images. You can view the whole interactive panorama HERE. Zoom and traverse the HD night sky in true color.

Now this is one of the most amazing endeavors I have seen in the photography world in a while. I think it deserves some credit. I don't know about some of you, but I will be gawking at this photo for some time, learning and spotting constellations  around the galaxy. 

Nick Risinger is actually a photographer and designer from Seattle, Washington. You may not know his name, but he is the guy behind the iPhone and iPad app "Sky Guide."

Photo Guide Infographics

Here are some well organized infographics I found that can help you understand photography! I will be sure to keep updating as I find more.

How to find your heart in the negative(space)

This weekend we decided to go on an impromptu camping trip to the Shenandoah mountains in Virginia.   Despite being caught in traffic and arriving an hour later than we expected, not bringing enough wood to cook dinner, putting the tent up wrong in the dark, forgetting a pot to boil water for coffee in the morning, it was still an amazing trip. 

Nothing could go wrong that would make these views any less spectacular (well, besides maybe having no coffee, but being the resourceful wilderness explorers we are, we found a camp store that sold some).  The mountains behind mountains behind mountains created a backdrop to a fantastic weekend. 

After our night of epic fails, we packed up early and set out to hike a 5km journey down to some gorgeous waterfalls.  

And, we never expected to see this many stars only a few hours from DC.   Who could be mad about eating a balanced dinner of s'mores ( our carbs), trail mix ( some protein), and wine (err...fruit?) when looking up at a sky like that.

All in all, our trip was saved by the beauty of the Shenandoah's. 

Advice for the Bride and Groom

Here is a link to another blog that speaks some words of wisdom from a photographer to the bride. Long story short...

If you do not love yourself, you are not going to love any photos of yourself.



July update

Hello all! It has been a while since I have written anything. First I would like to thank you all for the support. Please continue to share my work as much as you can! More and more photos will continue to be posted just keep checking back!

So it is July, I am still living in Washington, D.C.  I may be moving back to NY next month (unless this job I applied for hires me!) Wish me luck because it sounds like a great opportunity. Anyway, I have been busy as ever getting life and work set up for future endeavors. I bought all my new Nikon gear. to include a D750, 4 Lenses, 2 speed lights, diffusers, tripods, bags, straps, filters, and everything in between. Next I am hoping to acquire some monolights to get my studio started! 

Recently I have had some people ask for prints. If you are interested let me know! I am researching the best possible solution to start printing my work so that you can take them home!

I am also excited to start taking more night sky photos! I have been taking my camera just about everywhere I go. If you would like to have some photos taken please feel free to email me. We can set up a time and location whether it be for an event, professional portraits, pets, children, I do it all. 

I am very excited to continue my work in photography. Whether I get this full time photography job or I go back to school I will always be available for a photo shoot.  If you like what you see on this website, you can subscribe here, or you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all at the bottom of this page!