New Design + Road Tripping

Hello there, 

I just found a new layout for my portfolio. I hope you all like it. Now instead of clicking on the individual portfolios, you can see all my work in one clean, colorful page.  If you have any critiques or if you have found any bugs please let me know! 

In about an hour I will embark on a  400+ mile road trip up the east coast to NY. (No not the city) I am checking out a couple colleges I have been accepted to. In the fall I will no longer be an Active Duty U.S. Marine, I will be a college student.  I will be finishing my undergrad as an art major and My masters degree will be in education.  However while I am staying in NY going to school, I will also begin freelancing my photography. I will have a small studio near Syracuse, NY and I will be able to cover events, group photos, etc. So keep me in mind if you are in the central NY area. 

Lately I have been busy at work down in Washington, D.C. I will be uploading a couple more photos in the near future once they are released for public distribution.  I will be down in this area until August so If you are in the greater National Capital Region and want to collaborate or start a portfolio send me an email. 

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