I can see my house from here

This morning I woke up before the birds and drove out to the Onondaga Lake clean up visitor center. From there I was able to capture our cloudy city of Syracuse from Destiny USA to The Dome. Syracuse played a hell of a game yesterday and now we are going to the final four! We all thought they were going to be knocked out on day one. Anyway, to celebrate Here is the panorama in all its glory. I wanted to stay longer but it began to rain and my light diminished faster than I hoped. I am okay with it though, our city is always rainy and cloudy, to show a photo of Syracuse in the Sun is misleading to its.... character?

Anyway, ever since I moved back I have been looking for good photos of our skyline and I just never found any. So like any good photographer I went out and created one! I have a higher quality version of this image if anyone would like prints. This bad boy is pretty large, Below is still a good quality image so you can all zoom and try to find where you work or live. 

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