See what it is like to hike Everest!

Four Sherpas climbed Mt. Everest with 360 - cameras rigged to their packs. So now even the lethargic can experience the wonders from the comfort of their own computer screens! Strap in and experience it for yourself! Click through the interactive Tour linked below and feel like you accomplished something this weekend! This was done as part of #project 360 which is sponsored by Mammut. The project pairs experienced climbers with 360 camera rigs consisting of Go Pro's  and has them climb some of the most iconic peaks and trails.

It is also important to note that this specific expedition was accomplished just over a year after a devastating earthquake struck Nepal causing over 8,000 deaths and 21,000 injuries. In response, Marines were sent to Nepal for humanitarian relief. Six of these Marines died when their Helicopter went down in the Mountains. Two of these Marines were Combat Camera Marines which makes them a part of my own family. Cpl. Sara Medina was a very close friend of mine and a hell of a Marine. I am very proud to have been her NCO in Quantico, but even prouder to have known her at all. They're crew, along with a couple Nepalese soldiers were saving lives and they gave their own to do just that. 

My take a way from all this is that human beings, even after getting knocked down a couple pegs will always get back up, an try to be more ambitious. We have accomplished amazing things because of our instinct to go further and we will continue to do so. People are awesome and just remember you too can quench that thirst for something more if you just get off the couch. And remember that this weekend is memorial day. This is a time to remember those who we have lost, who died so that the rest of us can learn, prosper, and be more amazing than we were before.