Adventure is out there!

Hello all, First I would like to introduce the newest member to our team: Scout! She is an Australian Cattle dog mix with what we believe to be some lab/hound dog. She is as curious as Harper Lee's Jean Louise Finch herself.

from left to right, Zoey and Scout. (Potato Quality stolen from instagram)

from left to right, Zoey and Scout. (Potato Quality stolen from instagram)

Our adventure began on Monday, we met an old roommate of Mere's  down in Ithica, NY where we spent half a day hiking along one of the areas many Gorges. It was a four mile hike and along the way we were able to return a lost dog named Harley to his owner. He had slipped his collar and was wandering around the trails all day. He seemed to really like Zoey, although she was not impressed with his advances. He seemed to avoid the people on the trail but my best guess is he saw people with other dogs and stuck by us while I contacted the park office to get in contact with his owner. 

After the hike, the four of us (2 humans and 2 puppies) said goodbye to Kellie and drove up to the Adirondacks, just south of Old Forge NY. While spending an early morning coffee walk in the Old Forge village center we met a Photographer who owned a small fine art gallery with a giant red chair out in front. Naturally I went in to check out his work. Turns out the owner was a man who spends his mornings hiking through the forests hunting for first light photos each day. With a long rough beard and a friendly smile. He gave me some insight into a couple of great spots. You can check out his work on his facebook page. Kurt had some fantastic shots throughout the Adirondacks and told me how to get to a few of the locations. 

One of those spots was Rondaxe tower trail, a 1.7 mile hike which starts off pretty steep with tree roots giving your feet grip up the rock face. The puppies took it in stride and I was panting more than they were at the top, admittedly I am no longer in marathon shape. At the top we were treated to a great open view of the surrounding lakes and although it was pretty rainy weather that day, the view was worth the climb. 

We headed back to the cabin for some pizza, rest, and relaxation - oh, and s'mores of course. The next morning we decided to go kayaking along the lake. We quickly found out that Scout was not a fan of the Kayak. She jumped out into the lake so after pulling her back aboard we brought her to shore so she could guard the cabin. Zoey on the other hand was very calm out on the water, at least until she saw a buoy. Her bark echoed back off the tree line and made her think it was another dog!

The last night we spent up there I walked out until there were no lights around. I found a swamp area with a windblown pine tree as my subject, but boy did it get dark quick! I could barely see my own two feet. The next three photos were all shot at ISO 1600, F2.8 with a 30" shutter. They were taken within 20 minutes of each other, just so you can see the change in light.

While taking the last shot, something big splashed in the water next to me. I had a sudden realization that I was anything but alone in the dark. It was a bit scary, but more calming than anything, to be out there in the wilderness with nothing but the stars and the sounds of forest.

You can check out the rest of the photos from the trip below!  Thank you all for reading and subscribing!