Color Consistency Plagues Photographers

Professional photographers spend lots and lots of money in order to not be tricked by simple color illusions such as the one found here. The simple fact is, you can never guess what lighting condition your clients are going to view your photographs in but you can control the color that gets printed. And most phone screens and computer screens come calibrated to srgb pretty accurately now a days. When I am in the editing bay, I am constantly looking at my histograms because I know I can't ever truly trust my own eyes.

What is color constancy and how does it trick our brain into seeing colors that aren't really there? WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez and neuroscientist David Eagleman use ambiguous photographs and giant props to explain light, color and the science of illusions. Want to try switching the colors you see on the shoe illusion?

Photo Guide Infographics

Here are some well organized infographics I found that can help you understand photography! I will be sure to keep updating as I find more.