Winter Wedding at the Marietta House: Kristen and Cody

In February, I got to photograph my cousins wedding. The light in the winter months is fleeting, but for the short amount of time it is up, it is always beautifully low in the sky. It was a seasonally warm and sunny day at the Marietta House which is located just south of Syracuse NY.

When I found out Cody was getting married to Kristen, I was so excited to meet her! These two met in Tennessee where they are both living but decided to have their wedding in the cold tundra that is upstate NY. Fortunately their wedding day was full of sunshine, family and friends! I was very excited to find out that Kristen is a dog mama, and a Harry potter fan because I know how much of a nerd Cody secretly is! They have already started to build their own wonderful life & family back down south.

My favorite part of their wedding was definitely those Star Wars themed socks each of the groomsmen wore check them out along with all the fun below!

August Wedding at Lakeview Events Center, Laurens New York: Heather and Eric

Forgive such a late post but It is currently snowing and I am looking back at a wedding I photographed last summer.

Heather and Eric are nothing short of a bad ass couple. They threw one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to and they certainly know how to beat the heat of a summer party outdoors. Their venue was on a hill overlooking a small lake and they packed a very large tent to the brim with friends and family. There was dancing, laughing, and plenty of happy tears. So many great memories to chose from, below are some of my favorite moments!

Catching up


Okay, It has been quite a while since my last blog post! I wanted to update you all on everything I haven’t written about yet!

I am coming out of the fog otherwise known as my second to last semester of grad school. I have pretty much been knee deep in my Thesis project (which I will explain a little further later on.) So to explain the .gif above, I feel like I just returned to reality now that the semester is over.

I also managed to shoot two weddings towards the end of the summer!


I have a couple more booked for 2019 already and I also have shot an engagement session this past fall. The images came out stunning because sunset at Canandaigua Lake is just beautiful.


If this beautiful couple and their puppers look familiar, it is because I photographed them all a year or so ago! Seamus and Shooz were so happy to be walking around the lake!

Speaking of returning clients, I had another one contact me again for more photos. Kate at Crescent Trail Pilates Opened up a new Pilates studio in Fairport, NY. The new space is beautiful and she has a new instructor helping out with their clients.

Did I mention I began taking Ambrotypes and Tintypes?!

I took a wet plate collodion class this semester and it was truly the highlight of my week.

Pretty much all of this was happening while I was trying to develop a body of fine art photography for my thesis project.

For this work, I am interested in visually describing the military veteran experience. I found it curious that veterans who camouflaged themselves with their uniform or face paint in order to protect themselves became exposed when taken outside of the context of the military.

In the Garden , Mike Guinto. 2018, Inkjet print, 13x19”.

In the Garden, Mike Guinto. 2018, Inkjet print, 13x19”.

Brick and Mortars , Mike Guinto, 2018, Inkjet Print 13x19”

Brick and Mortars, Mike Guinto, 2018, Inkjet Print 13x19”

These photos may become a different series, however I think some of the other work I have created since works a little better.

I also tried photographing veterans hiding in plain sight, being able to disappear into a landscape.

One of the problems I had with this is I felt like I was generalizing or speaking on behalf of all veterans (which is just impossible to do.) So I decided to let the veterans experiences speak for themselves, and allow the audience to interpret how they wish. So I started cutting my old work prints.

One of the things they tell you before you go to boot camp is that they “break you down, so they can build you back up.”

I wanted to ask the question of what happens to those pieces when the service member transitions into a veteran. Unless you have a well crafted plan, it is easier to flounder, for the first time in many veterans lives they begin to live without a support network, they often move to a new city or go back home where everyone has either left or learned to live without the veteran. My project is attempting to reassemble the veteran.

Brenan , Mike Guinto, Inkjet Print Collage, 8x10”

Brenan, Mike Guinto, Inkjet Print Collage, 8x10”

For this I began taking photos from the veterans personal archive and layering them on top of each other. The shapes I cut out are direct reference to camouflage patterns from uniform items the veteran has worn.

Over winter break I am going to be equally as busy writing my Thesis paper, continuing to develop this body of work, and also, the holidays!

So take this holiday card from us to you and I hope you all get some r&r this winter break!