Winter Wedding at the Marietta House: Kristen and Cody

In February, I got to photograph my cousins wedding. The light in the winter months is fleeting, but for the short amount of time it is up, it is always beautifully low in the sky. It was a seasonally warm and sunny day at the Marietta House which is located just south of Syracuse NY.

When I found out Cody was getting married to Kristen, I was so excited to meet her! These two met in Tennessee where they are both living but decided to have their wedding in the cold tundra that is upstate NY. Fortunately their wedding day was full of sunshine, family and friends! I was very excited to find out that Kristen is a dog mama, and a Harry potter fan because I know how much of a nerd Cody secretly is! They have already started to build their own wonderful life & family back down south.

My favorite part of their wedding was definitely those Star Wars themed socks each of the groomsmen wore check them out along with all the fun below!

August Wedding at Lakeview Events Center, Laurens New York: Heather and Eric

Forgive such a late post but It is currently snowing and I am looking back at a wedding I photographed last summer.

Heather and Eric are nothing short of a bad ass couple. They threw one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to and they certainly know how to beat the heat of a summer party outdoors. Their venue was on a hill overlooking a small lake and they packed a very large tent to the brim with friends and family. There was dancing, laughing, and plenty of happy tears. So many great memories to chose from, below are some of my favorite moments!